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I’m excited to share with you my invention!! The Infladium was an idea in my head for years, then a sketch, and now, after working with the fun team at Party City, a reality!

People everywhere were making snack stadiums, taking hours–even days, to build. Many of these cardboard, foil, and paper stadiums weren’t structurally sound or reusable. What a waste of time and effort. I wanted to fix that. Quite honestly, I wanted a snack stadium for myself, without losing a Saturday in my garage with my glue gun.

That’s when I realized the guys I was tailgating with on any given Sunday, could help develop my idea and put it on shelves to share! Truly a perfect match made in the stadium parking lot while tailgating! Who needs golf?

I’m so proud you’re holding my dream. Great for tailgating or couchgating at home and reusable! I’m calling myself an inventor these days just to see how it sounds. Never in a million years did I think as an 18-year-old enlisting in the Air Force, that the American dream I swore to protect would one day be in my grasp. Thank you mommy and daddy, for raising a dreamer willing to do the work.

Please enjoy what I hope to be my 1st of many inventions; Infladium–The New Way to Buffet!

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