Sunny will join forces with Chef Ryan Scott to take part in the Let’s Move Cafeteria Cook-Off hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and Rachael Ray, to air on The Rachael Ray Show March 11! Check out the Rachael Ray Show preview below!

Here’s the Let’s Move preview:

With the national rate of childhood obesity stubbornly unchanged at about 17% since she launched Let’s Move! in 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday traveled to the deep south to celebrate the third anniversary of her campaign.  In a little town a dozen miles from the state capitol, Mrs. Obama saluted state and local leaders for their years-long efforts to relieve Mississippi of the dubious distinction of being the fattest state in the nation.

Accompanied by Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass and celebrity chef Rachael Ray at the Northside/Eastside Elementary Schools in Mississippi, Mrs. Obama, clad in a pink-striped cardigan and black slacks, congratulated the crowd of cheering, camera-phone wielding adults gathered in the auditorium before heading off to film the “Let’s Move! Cafeteria Cook-Off,” a school lunch showdown between professional and school chefs.

Clinton School District chefs Wendy Robinson and Fannie Collins were paired with professional chefs–Food Network’s Sunny Anderson and Top Chef’s Ryan Scott–as they did battle to cook a meal using federal nutrition standards–in just thirty minutes.

“I’m particularly proud of all of the school chefs, the food service workers at schools like this one all across this state, and all across this country,” Mrs. Obama said, noting that cafeteria pros across America had a huge job to do–“in a matter of months”–to meet the new federal school lunch guidelines.

“These people are on the front lines,” Ray said as she also praised the cafeteria chefs.  She billed the cook off as “The Iron Chef of Lunch Ladies.”

The cook-off took place in the school cafeteria, where Mrs. Obama and Ray were joined by about 400 second-fifth graders, clad in red shirts that matched the red, white and blue balloons that floated from tables laden with bowls of shiny apples.  The grand prize:  A golden cafeteria tray.

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