You pronounce it poh’-kay, mmmkay? And it’s sweeping the contiguous United States. Hawaii has known about the bowl of love for years. Simply put, it’s a raw fish salad and the base can be rice or other more healthy options.

Can you believe I actually prefer seaweed salad beneath the fish over rice? Yep. Haven’t tried this yet? Well, I’ve have a recipe for lomi lomi salmon,  a perfect way to get started. And I’ve done a bit of yelpin for you.

Check out this recipe from Sunny

Sunny Lomi Salmon

Prep time: 15 min
Wash salmon and pat dry. Mix to combine salt and sugar. Lay 2 long pieces of plastic wrap on top of each other...

Full recipe

Here’s a list of places to find poke in the top 10 populated US cities. But first, read up on the craze here.


New York  

Los Angeles





San Antonio

San Diego


San Jose