There is a ranch dressing lover’s paradise coming to St. Louis and Eater checked it out…

“Twisted RAnCH — St. Louis’ upcoming all-ranch dressing restaurant with a strangely capitalized moniker — will open at the end of the month. Owner Jim Hayden tells Eater that he will throw open the doors to his ranch palace June 30. As previously reported, every item in the restaurant will include “the fast-growing condiment and best-selling salad dressing.”

The restaurant will offer 18 versions of homemade ranch dressing, including smoked paprika, teriyaki, chipotle, cheesy bacon, Thai, and dill. The restaurant plans to serve dishes like wild mushroom soup served with ranch crostini, tortilla roll-ups slathered with ranch cream cheese, and even guacamole made with ranch. Even meaty entrees will receive the ranch treatment: The menu features a boneless pork chop served with a mushroom ranch sauce, horseradish ranch brisket, and a meatloaf seasoned with ranch. For pasta lovers, there’s a chicken and bacon lasagna served in a parmesan ranch sauce and a toasted ravioli stuffed with ranch-seasoned beef and pork.

As for the beverage service: Yes, there will be boozy ranch concoctions. “We are working on drink cocktails and at least possibly infusing ranch into a couple vodkas,” Hayden said.”

[via Eater]