In this Throwback Thursday, Sunny talks gardening in 2009.  For more garden tips, check out her edible gardening tips on Miraclo-Gro and watch videos here.

Well, I’ve picked a few green tomatoes this week and totally enjoyed every last bit and bite of them. So, after a few great days of green, I’ve got a couple of red tomatoes to look at!

Look at my babies! Gardeners know the feeling, I hope. :-). I mean, I talk about my garden every day and think about the weather and watch many different channels for it. I get mad when bugs pick on it. I want the plants to all just get along. My babies, teeheehee. Ok, just some more quick photos of my torrential-rain-ravaged garden. The weather has been brutal, but the strong are surviving.


These are my highest collard leaves. The low ones are being devoured by the herbivores. I don’t want to spray chemicals, so let them eat … there’s still some left for me! Look at how big they are!
Like my hand is a ruler, but you get the picture. I’m going to make a recipe when I pick these and feature it on a future show. Hope you like it! Next, I’m gettin’ frawny with it!
These are the tops of my fennel. If the bottoms don’t bulb, I’ll just make afrawny salad! Take a look at this …
Looks like a collard plant right? It’s not though, it’s my broccoli! I’m just waiting on the florets. I met a nice woman at the Edible Garden and she told me they would appear soon. Can’t wait! Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy the weekend and if you garden, hope you have fun and get a little dirty in it.

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