I rounded up the funniest and best food Halloween costumes!

Some people like to dress sexy, some scary and some so clever they spend all night explaining their costume to people. Food-themed Halloween costumes have come a long way since the typical giant banana, so we went on a hunt for the best of the bunch.

Cooked TurkeyTurkey-300x300

Showing up to a costume party as a giant turkey could work for you if you’re a turkey fan, if you’re FROM Turkey or if you just really, really like Thanksgiving and want everyone to know about it. This costume is also so freakish it’s frightening, and we’d run faster from this than from Freddy Krueger $99.99 at Buycostumes.com


Sexy Hamburger


Why be a regular old hamburger when you can be a SEXY hamburger? Ladies have historically used Halloween as an excuse to be a sexy nurse/sexy cop/sexy anything and now they can dress up as sexy fast-food. We feel real burgers can be sexy anyway, so this dress is perfect $39.99 at Yandy.com


Pizza Slice


Ever love something so much you want to BE that thing? That’s how we feel about pizza. This slice is cool because unlike those wearing miniscule sexy costumes, you can actually eat as much as you want because you’re hidden inside a giant slice of pizza. This is also a good costume to have on standby for a buddy who may not have a costume, since it’s unisex and works for everyone $36.99 at Target


Bun In The Oven


For those who love to cook, dressing up as an actual stove is fantastic enough, but this goes one step further with the ‘bun in the oven’ joke. The door on this opens, and it comes with a bun to put inside. We imagine would be a good place to stash your candy too. $59.99 at Spirithalloween.com



Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich


A duo costume works great and never more so than dressing up as a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Alone you just look like a piece of bread smeared in spread; together you can take on the world! We love the price ,too. $29.99 at Partycity.com