ARCS_Sunny-Anderson-and-Ted-Allen_s4x3_leadIn case you missed it last night, Sunny was a competitor on Food Network’s Chopped All-Stars last night.  It was Round 1, a battle between Food Network and Cooking Channel.  And guess what… Sunny won!  She battled three other great chefs to make it to the finals and have a chance to win $50,000 for N Street Village, a charity for empowerment and recovery of women.




Food Network Dish caught up with Sunny after her win and asked her about the competition:

Which basket did you have the most trouble with?

SA: I think the first basket was the most troublesome for me because, one, it was the first. And then I saw the banana bread. I would never buy banana bread to begin with, I would just make it; I certainly wouldn’t have purchased that one! I mean, there weren’t even nuts in there. An appetizer with a sweet bread. I mean, how do you savory that up? I’m really thankful that the ball rolled off of Nadia’s plate, and I’m thankful that Gabriele poured the mango juice into a cup, because that’s the cushion I needed in order to stay the first round.

Were there any ingredients you’d never worked with before?

SA: The galangal — I never worked with it before, but I did know what it was, luckily. I’d never seen that seafood pepper pot soup in a can. I’ve seen some crazy stuff in a can, but I’ve never seen that in my life. If I saw that in a grocery store, I would run the other way. I want nothing to do with it ever again!


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