In this Throwback Thursday, Sunny talks gardening in 2009.  For more garden tips, check out her edible gardening tips on Miraclo-Gro and watch videos here.

Yep, If you are gardening in my area of NYC or have just heard it around your way … this isn’t the year for tomatoes. The rain up here has been around like the mailman most of the summer and while that makes me happy because I don’t have to worry about the lettuce … I still have to worry about the tomatoes. They aren’t going so well, so last week after chatting on Martha Stewart’s Sirius show about gardening and my new love of it, despite the bad tomato weather, I decided to harvest my tomatoes green. Why wait on them to ripen and turn red into a bland mush of nothing? So here’s my first early harvest …

Looks neon, huh? It’s the flash, but it really is a bright and lively green. I took it a few times and I then decided it was breakfast time, not shutter time lol. I just chopped it into chunks, about 20 or so and then sauteed them in the pan I made my egg in. Used the residual fat in the pan from the pat of butter for the egg, then just some salt and pepper, got a good brown crust on them … it was soooo good, I forgot to take a picture. I was like, wait … oh well. Teeheehee … Anyway, if you are like me and the tomatoes aren’t lookin too good in your garden, harvest early and introduce yourself to the tangy-sweet world of green tomatoes! Next up on the list, dredging and frying them, gonna take a culinary-memory trip down South.

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