With a bacon shortage very, very real (due to widespread drought and crop devastation around the world over the past few years) your bacon intake is probably about to be dramatically reduced. But why should bacon lovers go without the delectable pork flavor? Here’s a selection of bacon-flavored products to get you through these lean pork times


McPhee Bacon Flavored toothpaste, $4.50

Why brush with mint or cinnamon when you can get the best breakfast flavor before your hands even touch a frying pan? Rinse with a soft boiled egg yolk and all your meal cravings will be satisfied with none of the calories!




Bakon Vodka, $28.99

This was one of the first quirky bacon-flavored products out there. Bacon loving vodka drinkers rejoiced! This is a great hair o’ the dog moment – breakfast and a cure in one. http://nymag.com/listings/recipe/bacon-old-fashioned/




Image via: http://www.whatanniewears.com/en/2011/01/meat-bread-vancouver/

Maple ice cream sandwich with bacon bits at Meat & Bread, Vancouver

Interesting concoction between two vanilla wafers we tried in Vancouver a couple months ago. The salty bacon bits are the perfect yin to the ice cream’s sweet yang. If you’re ever in Vancouver, try it!





Bacon Flavored Gumballs, $3.99

Blow bacon bubbles with these bacon flavored gumballs. They also point out that the tin will retain the scent of bacon for sometime so even when the last gumball has been chewed, you can scent up other stuff with the bacon smell by putting it inside the tin. Maybe some tissues so you can blow your nose with bacon scented tissues?



J&D’s Bacon Salt, $4.49

Who needs truffle salt when you can sprinkle this low sodium, vegetarian, kosher salt over your French fries? All the flavor and none of the fat! How awesome is that?



Maple Bacon Morning Coffee, $7.99

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, we present to you bacon coffee. Imagine brewing this up to tempt your significant other out of bed only to discover there are no pancakes or bacon, just a cup of coffee with the tempting smell of breakfast!