A nail art movement is sweeping the nation! This fun beauty phenomenon is a fantastic way to express your personality, and the themes range anywhere from animals to graphic patterns to our favorite theme: food. Here are seven super food-themed nail looks that could very possibly turn you into a nail biter!


These fruity nails by Wah Nails make us want to grab some rum, blend up a beachy cocktail and imagine our toes are in the sand in the Bahamas Follow @WahNails


Nail Nerd created one of our favorite food looks – the burger! If you’re a nail biter these nails will make it next to impossible to avoid chewing those tips. Look at all her brilliant looks at NailNerd.com


New Yorker Naomi Yasuda has manicured the nails of Lada Gaga, Alexa Chung and more. These ice cream cones with sparkling sprinkles are among our favorite Nails By Naomi looks. Follow her on Twitter @NaomiNailsNYC


Miss Pop created this special Campbell’s Soup nail look for ‘Fifi’ hence the ‘Fifi Soup’ text. This is one loved not just by foodies, but by art lovers too.


Another look from Miss Pop are brunch nails, which she created for Sunny’s friend Fiona for a brunch segment Sunny shot with her friends for the Rachael Ray show. So fun! Follow her Twitter feed @MissPopNails


You can find some fabulous nail art on Instagram and we found Thet Vivar’s strawberry nails to be some of the cutest strawberry nails out there. Mad props! Follow Thet on Instagram @mharqui11


We also discovered Siobhan Gibbs fun apple nails while trawling Instagram. Adding a cartoonish element such as bug eyes really ups the cuteness factor Follow Siobhan on Instagram @siobhangibbs